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Special tape
Security Tape
Protect the closure of the package, anti-counterfeits, mainly used for import package and documents and containers ,truck door, prevent labels and stickers from being reused, be used for bank and financial departments and quality warranty.
Pretaped Drop Film
Pre-folded, high-density, nonporous film protects surfaces from painting and spraying. No adhesive residue. Paint will not seep through tape. Clean, easy removal saves cleanup time. Easy to apply, specially designed for professional painter or DIY user.
Acrylic Foam Tape
Double sided VHB mounting tape with high adhesive, excellent performance for vibration and anti-crack application. Good weather resistance, soft conformable foam, high bonding, higher temperature resistance.
Repulpable Tape
Double coated tape with a repulpable carrier is primarily designed for high temperature flying splices at the Off-Machine Coater. High tack, high shear strength, repulpable adhesive. This product has been an industry standard for flying splices by providing high initial wet grab and excellent shear strength.
Anti-Slip Tape
Anti-Skid tapes in a broad range of colors replacement safety stair treads. Used for stairs, ramps, entrances, lawn equipment, ladders, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery and vehicles .