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Masking Tape – High Temperature
A pressure sensitive tape made of crepe paper, coated with natural rubber or acrylic solvent based adhesive. Natural color,or other colors. Good conformability, strong holding power, no adhesive residue after peeling off, good retract ability, smooth trimmed edge. High temperature and UV resistance.
PVC Electric Insulating Tape
PVC electric insulating tape is vinyl carrier coated with natural rubber adhesive. It is commonly used to connect separated electrical wires for insulating purposes. Excellent properties in resisting high voltage, tolerating a wide temperature and flame retardant.
Wire Harness Tape
Wire harness tape is specialized used in automotive. It has good insulating, abrasion resistant, moisture proof, anti-chemical corrosion and contains no lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury.
Reflective Tape
Reflective Tape is made by PET, Acrylic film and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
It is used to enhance the visibility in nighttime or low-light conditions.
Mainly applicable for commercial, engineering, license plate, conspicuity markings for office, parking lot, warehouse lines, vehicles, sports stadium …etc.