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Super Clear OPP Packaging Tape (Heavy Duty)
Super Clear OPP Packaging Tape 211S is industrial-grade packing tape.
This tape resists abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and scuffing for long-lasting performance.
The backing easily conforms around edges and on rough surfaces.
Easy unwind and smooth dispensing works well on high-speed automated packaging lines.

◆ General industrial packaging applications
◆ Fiberboard
◆ Carton sealing
PET Packaging Tape (low-temperature)
PET Packaging Tape 2118T is an Industrial performance packaging tape.
It is suitable for lightweight industrial applications, excellent for application under low temperature.

◆ Suitable for lightweight Industrial packaging applications, food, and beverage industry, etc.
◆ This product is specially designed for cold temperature applications.
BOPP Packaging Tape
High-tack adhesive tape of BOPP film coated with acrylic emulsion adhesive, or hot-melt based adhesive. OPP packaging tape is widely used in carton sealing and other applications, as it offers excellent clarity and is suitable for long-term storage. Customized color or printing available.
Kraft Paper Tape
Kraft paper tape is an environment friendly product, self adhesive or water activate. Good used for sealing cartons, storage packing, fixing, and sealing electrical and mechanical parts for conservation. Also available for machinery packing.
Bag Sealing Tape
PE or OPP material backing coated with acrylic solvent adhesive for sealing plastic bag, Suitable for sealing shirt bags, courier bags, security bags and all kinds of plastic bags. Resealable or permanent available for customized request.
Filament Tape
Good packaging solution of glass fiber filament backing coated with high performance adhesive. Extensively use in home appliance, furniture industry, wire rope, and heavy object. High tensile strength.
High share and good initial adhesion.
Good holding power.
Highly resistant to abrasion and moisture.