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PVC Electric Insulating Tape
PVC electric insulating tape is vinyl carrier coated with natural rubber adhesive. It is commonly used to connect separated electrical wires for insulating purposes. Excellent properties in resisting high voltage, tolerating a wide temperature and flame retardant.
PV Duct / Pipe Wrapping Tape
PVC duct / pipe wrapping tape is printed vinyl carrier coated with natural rubber adhesive. It is commonly used for corrosion protection of ground and underground pipe wrapping application, and industrial assembly. Excellent moisture, solvent, temperature resistance, and flame retardant.
PVC Lane Marking / Hazard Tape
PVC lane marking /Hazar tape are made of soft SPVC with natural rubber adhesive, for purpose of marking and warning. The tapes are widely applied in factory or industrial fields. PVC Hazard tape are printed stripes, available in red/white, yellow/black pairs.
Duct Cloth Tape
Duct cloth tape is a synthetic rubber adhesive tape with a polyethylene laminated cloth. Good used for heavy-duty carton sealing, book spine binding, carpet joining, identification of package contents and destinations, and strapping and bundling. It comes in a range of colours: red, blue, green, black, yellow, grey, white, beige, and etc.
Aluminum Foil Tape
Aluminium foil tape is produced from soft-tempered aluminium foil coated with an pressure sensitive acrylic based adhesive. It can be used for lamination for air-conditioning ducting systems, cold storage insulation, and temporary sealing of gaps. Wild range foil thickness supply for various applications on request.
Protection Film Tape
Protective film tape is polyethylene film coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. Main used for surface protection for all kinds of aluminum, plastic composite plates, color steel, aluminum plates, stainless steel, and etc, from scratch, pollution, damage and UV corrode during transportation, storage, and installation.