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High-Temperature Polyimide Tape
High-temperature acrylic adhesive is solvent resistant and compliments the polyimide
backing to produce a tape with exceptional high-temperature properties.
High dielectric strength for critical insulating requirements.
Tough backing provides the ultimate in tensile, tear, puncture, and abrasion resistance.

Suitable for masking protection in the electronics industry, insulation, and protection of the battery, PCB masking protection, wire & cable Insulation, and high-temperature resistant die cut.
Thermal Release Tape
The thermal release tape is a distinctive adhesive tape that adheres tightly at room temperature and can simply be peeled off just by heating.

◆ Use for electronic component manufacturing processes.
◆ Use for various temporary fixing.
Lead Locked Tape
The Lead Lock Tape withstands the extremely high temperatures of IC package assembly, and it also adheres at low temperatures for thermosetting applications.
In addition to its low ionic impurities, it also exhibits low outgassing and high electrical reliability.
Hardening adhesive is not necessary at the thermal process equipping ICs.

The lead lock tape is used to lock the leads on semiconductor lead frames and has a good quality to prevent the current leakage.
Used for IC package.
High/Low Adhesion Tape
High/Low Adhesion Tape has the medium-firm acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive system on both sides with the PET carrier. The key characteristics of this adhesive include a combination of high performance in adhesion and good shear holding power to a wide variety of materials, including many plastics. This product shows a low adhesion side. It not only good for bonding but also as excellent re-workable property for the electronic assembly applications.
Semiconductor Wafer Cutting Tape
Semiconductor wafer cutting tape is designed for semiconductor dicing processes.
This product is made up of a blue transparent PVC film coated with a pressure-sensitive acrylic-based adhesive. Excellent deformation behavior and excellent adhesion level.
For easy unwind, the backing of the PVC-film is coated with a silicone release.

Suitable for processing semiconductor wafers, to be applied on the backside of the wafer.
Cover Tape film itself has conductivity to dissipate static electricity in the environment or process. The electronic component packaging material (Cover Tape) for semiconductor IC also provides effective and safe sealing of electronic components into carrier tape during transportation and storage. It also provides excellent sealing performance combined with a smooth peeling force to protect ICs or passive components and allows for effective pick and place operations.