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Double sided
Double Sided Tissue Tape
Double sided tissue tape coated with acrylic solvent, acrylic water, and hot melt adhesive for various application. Excellent adhesion and temperature resistance. Good bonding adhesion to various kinds of backing materials, especially suitable for PVC, PE, ABS and camber surfaces
Double Sided Foam Tape
Double sided PE Foam, EVA foam backing with strong solvent acrylic adhesive. Design for adhering to the irregular surface, fixing the nameplate, mirror, and wildly used in automobile industry. PE plastic film, yellow silicone paper, white silicone paper, and yellow glassine silicone paper for customize choice.
Double Sided Polyester Tape
Double sided transparent polyester tape coated with high performance acrylic solvent adhesive. Suitable heavy stress and high temperature resistant for permanent bonding.Excellent quick stick with strong adhesion, and high tensile strength.Suitable for most demanding applications.
Double Sided PP Tape
PP double sided tapes coated with acrylic adhesive and have strong viscosity. Excellent chemical resistance capabilities and high temperature resistant. Excellent weather resistance and durability.
Double Sided Cloth Tape
Double Sided Cloth Tape, Carpet Tape, Cloth Tape is a two-sided high performance synthetic rubber tape on a cloth carrier which features residue free removal.